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What We Do

Oversight's solutions use smartphones and tablets to record the physical actions and observations performed by mobile employees. This data is processed and stored in each clients' secure website. Authorized managers may create their own interactive reports (anytime, anywhere) that show:

Who:  The specific name or crew names of those individual(s) performing the activity.
What:  What specific activity was performed, regardless of whether it was a routine task or a non-routine incident? What equipment was used?
When:  When did the activity start? End? How long did it take? How much travel time? What was the total on-site time?
Where: Where did the activity take place (including GPS)? What field? Which construction site? What property?

What the years have taught us.

  • Every client is different.
  • For the Service to offer the greatest value, each client's secure web site must be uniquely configured.
  • Data collection must be easy and reliable.
  • Smartphones and tablets greatly enhance the real time value and capability of the service.

Oversight's solutions eliminate the need for assumptions, guesswork, or wishful thinking.

Oversight's back end process is similar across all solutions. However, we have grouped our services to make it easier for the clients to see how they might apply to them. Each grouping has its own web site where the specifics are explained.

Guard Checker

Farm Business Systems

Custom Time and Attendance

We Verify

Physical Security

Guard Checker was our very first solution. It offers the best recording and reporting software describing all the actions and observations of Security Officers. It has evolved from a mere location checker to a service that collects the necessary information to create a comprehensive Daily Activity Report (DAR). Reports are designed to make it easy for a Security Manager to sort through a large volume of collected data and produce just the information they need, when they need it.

Farm Business Systems

Today’s farmers need more than good weather to survive financially!

Worldwide competition and ever increasing regulatory demands require business systems. The systems add a degree of financial discipline that many farmers have been reluctant to embrace. Sadly that reluctance reduces both profitability and predictability.

Of course the term “business systems” includes many, many different aspects from selling to production to accounting. Oversight’s Farm Business Systems use customized software to add discipline in the following areas.


Farm Labor

For many produce and horticultural farmers, labor represents 60 to 70% of their total expenses. Not only is labor their largest expense, it also represents a major regulatory issue. Our Farm Labor Solution provides accurate data collection to resolve many of the regulatory issues and add financial discipline to their largest expense item. We are the only company offering a "one stop" solution. Farm Labor Solution reports labor costs (hourly and piece rate) by worker, by location (field), by activity, by crop.

Food Safety

Food safety is receiving more and more attention. Shortly the Federal Government will issue new guidelines that will spell out what information must be collected and recorded. Oversight's software that uses rugged smartphones to collect and record all the important actions and observations of mobile workers makes it ideal for satisfying these requirements.

Farm to Table

This growing trend is particularly important to local small and mid-size farms. Those farms are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend. While there have been a variety of approaches setup to capitalize on the trend, many lack the transparency to insure the farmer gets a fair return. Oversight's Local Food Connector offers an approach that equally benefits all the players.

Time and Attendance for the Mobile Workforce

Owners of fixed facilities have known for decades the money saving value of accurate employee time keeping. Unfortunately it is much harder for owners employing a mobile workforce to enjoy that same benefit.

Oversight's Custom Time and Attendance was designed for mobile workers. Our solution can be easily customized to support almost any environment. These could range from employees working individually; to crews working at numerous sites; to large numbers of workers for various durations of time; one event or one season.

There are many different mobile workforce examples; here are two:


Verification Recording and Reporting

There are many requirements to verify that a task was completed; a check or inspection was made; the condition of property or equipment was confirmed.

Oversight's WeVerify solutions do just that and make it easy for mangers to satisfy those demands. The solutions shown below are easy to customize to have them record, store, and report just those verification actions and observations you need.

Oversight's Clients

Businesses using or employing mobile workers.

  • Physical Security
  • Farms (H-2A, Migrant, Domestic)
  • Property Management
  • Home Health Care
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Construction (Direct and Sub-contract)
  • Janitorial, Maintenance, Landscape, etc
  • Contract Mgmt Agencies